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Mastering the Art of Sustainable Brewing 

Date:  Tuesday, 06/12/18 09:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Sustainable brewing is not a watered-down science, therefore running an earth friendly brewery is just as important as the beer. The art of making craft beer is energy and water intensive. Learn practical steps to make your beer even more sustainable - looking at all aspects from the brewing process to the brewery. Hear from experts that will provide tips, tricks and tools to help you on your path toward the sustainable pint.


Attendees will learn:

  • Where to focus efforts to have a more sustainable brewery
  • How sustainability can pay off and provide cost saving opportunities
  • How to sub-meter equipment and decipher the data
  • Key areas to reduce energy and water in their operations

Speaker: Cheri Chastain (Sierra Nevada) & Michael Slater (FSTC)
Cheri Chastain has been the Sustainability Manager for Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. for almost 11 years. Cheri is responsible for maintaining and developing policies and projects related to renewable energy and energy efficiency, managing zero waste, implementing alternative fuels, and actively working on water conservation and reuse as well as educating employees on environmental issues.

Cheri also works outside Sierra Nevada’s walls on policy and advocacy issues relating to sustainability and represents the company in several industry working groups. Cheri currently co-chairs the Brewers Association Sustainability Subcommittee, is vice chair of the City of Chico’s Sustainability Task Force, and is a board member of the US Zero Waste Business Council. Cheri has a BA and an MA in Environmental Geography.
Michael Slater is a Research Engineer at PG&E Food Service Technology Center (FSTC) in San Ramon Ca. He is currently focused on the energy and water economics and savings opportunities in commercial breweries as well as other large service water heating and chilling applications along with lab work and industry outreach and education for the FSTC.

Food Service Technology Center
12949 Alcosta Blvd. STE 101
San Ramon, CA 94583


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Kiana Caban