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Fire Safety in the Kitchen 

Date:  Tuesday, 12/11/18 09:00 AM - 12:00 PM

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) states that nearly 8,000 eating and drinking establishments report a fire each year.

Join FSTC's Mark Finck and special guest Doug Horton with D.J. Horton and Associates as they discuss fire prevention for appliances in the kitchen. Hear field examples of why fire protection systems have failed to contain or put out an appliance fire. How ventilation has an effect on fires and how to maintain your ventilation and appliances from starting a fire in the kitchen.


Attendees will learn:

  • About fire prevention and suppression
  • How periodic maintenance procedures enhances safety
  • About typical safety risks in commercial kitchens

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Speakers: Doug Horton (D.J. Horton and Associates) and Mark Finck (FSTC)
Doug Horton, MS MBA, CFSP, Batavia, Illinois, was a founding advisor to the FSTC, beginning in 1987. With over 40 years in the foodservice industry, he currently consults on kitchen ventilation solutions and fire issues. He has investigated and analyzed many restaurant fires, the most recent of which was this fall. His current interest is identifying kitchen fire risks and improving fire suppression, especially from sold fuel cooking.

Mark Finck is the Lead Engineer at the PG&E Food Service Technology Center (FSTC) in San Ramon, CA. He is responsible for developing and applying standard test methods for evaluating the energy efficiency and performance of commercial food service equipment at the FSTC. Finck has more than twenty years of experience in commercial cooking equipment product development - including performance, application and efficiencies.

Food Service Technology Center
12949 Alcosta Blvd. STE 101
San Ramon, CA 94583


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